Software Future FP1/FP2

Hya !
Here we are ! The storm has “almost” passed as all pre-orders have been delivered, i think that also most of the production problem were solved, ramp up seems finished, there it is ! The FairPhone 2 have matured a bit , and now 17 000 personns around the UE are using it every day !
There is now something like 80 000 FairPhone in the wild, and i was wondering :
What’s next for software ?
Here is my questions, i have noticed for the FP1 buglist is still quite large, and that the FP2 buglist now have a respectable size :slightly_smiling: , so, basically, when software updates will arrive ? I know that the software team is small, and i don’t except precises date, but i would like to have a rough estimation, like “Q3 2016” for both Fairphones
Also, there is tons of things that remain obscure, when pre-compiled OSFPOS will arrive ? Plans for SailFish OS ? Firefox OS (even if it seems stopped now) ?
So, i think it would be nice to have a blog post about it in the coming weeks so we know what will happen for our beloved Fairphones :slight_smile:


I believe (for FP2) it will be faster than that as the info we got for FP Open OS was Q1 2016 and I’m sure the software team is working on bugs first before working on an open source OS with the same bugs.

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