So SOO many issues

My Fairphone 2 has finally gone.

The power button is I believe stuck as it won’t show the lock screen (this is with both the case on and off)

But before that my phone would randomly freeze the screen and go on multi colourd striped rampages or screen image multiplications.
I also have to use headphones to take phonecalls for the screen not to go black and for the reciever to hear me.
My camera or camera app doesn’t work and don’t know why as I have plennty of free storage space.
I have tried taking apart and reassembling the phone to see if it would helpp to no avail.

If anyone has any tips it would be much apprecaited x

First question: is your phone up-to-date? Are you using the stock OS? If yes, you should have a version number named 19.11.2.

Is the button itself on the motherboard blocked? In this case, bad news, you need a new motherboard (or you can try unblocking the button somehow).
But how do you boot the phone then? Maybe it could be a software issue?

Did you check these topic?
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This should be easily solvable. Go in the settings→Maintenance→Proximity sensor calibration, and follow the steps.

How exactly doesn’t it work? Does it crash? Does it fail to capture photos?
What happens when you use another camera app, e.g OpenCamera (F-Droid and Play Store)?

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wow, thats crazy so many issues. Hope you managed to resolve them

I can’t boot the system. its currently plugged into the charger with a black screen and the flashing light in the top left hand and able to still make notification sounds

Thank you so much for all your other responses, I will try them if I can get past the button issue :slight_smile:

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Perhaps you could unplug and plug the charger, if you didn’t deactivate the option it should switch the screen on.

It sadly does not :confused:

Is the phone currently on or off? I now understand it must be off and this is why it doesn’t work.

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