Snapchat nearly impossible with FP3

My daughter is really unhappy with her new FP3. Photos and especially selfies with FP3 are in quite bad quality, Colour and brightness are not acceptable for her. She said if she knew she would not have bought one.
Is anybody experiencing the same or can any settings help?



You may take a read here for more options on your camera app choice/and improving picture quality.

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I can recommend a ring light - really improves portrait photography.

Current iPhones, Galaxys or Huawei will definitely produce better images, especially from the FFC (front-facing camera). But since this is very much a software play, your daughter might want to give some alternative camera apps a try - for example Open Camera or Footej. I have no experience with the Snapchat app on the FP3.

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Download the Google Camera apk it is discussed here on the Forum with the link to the right apk. The difference of the imagines is huge compared to the fp3 stock camera.

To find the discussion about the google camera, search here in the forum for “Google Camera”…

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I would not recommend an unofficial port of an app that was built for different hardware. But that’s for everyone to decide.

Open Camera also has DRO (Dynamic Range Optimisation) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) modes, which can substantially improve pictures, especially when contrast is high or light is low.

And here’s a review of one of those ring lights - I really cannot recommend ring lights enough. It’s drastically improved my night-time photography (most of which is of plants, but it works for people too). Just pop one in your bag and you’ll be able to take good closeups and portraits in almost any lighting condition.

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I think you should also feel compelled to campaign against Snapchat and other social media use for the well-being of your children.

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Kids these days, playing Tetris on their Game Boys all day long instead of going outside!

This is outrageous! The eyes become all square.