SMS failure and more

We’ve been using the fairphone for 1 month in the UK. We’re experieincing the following issues - hoping someone can help:

  1. Not being able to receive - these maybe imessages but they’re telling senders they are sent
  2. Unable to send or receive multi-media message
  3. Internet coverage outside of wifi areas is poor
  4. GPS sometimes slow / inaccurate

Perhaps you’re old phone was an iphone. Take a look at the next message iphones imesages not reaching me.

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What difference would it make as to what the previous phone was?

It is a new fairphone and a new SIM.

1.) Like @Lidwien’s link suggests you probably have to turn off your iMessage account.

2.) For the MMS problems maybe this topic helps.

3.) How exactly does this manifest? Do you have no connection at all? Just Edge instead of 3G? Or 3G, but slow?

4.) Please check this Troubleshooting Guide about GPS.


So you have a new telephonenumber? Maybe you just have to tell your friends to delete your old one from their contacts.