Problems sending mms

Is there anyone out there who can help me with the mms function? I have checked the APN settings with my operator and corrected them accordingly. Still, I can’t send mms. Any ideas of what I could be doing wrong? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

can you send MMS with your current SIMcard in another phone?
(this would clear issues related to your SIM)

Can you check in “SIM management” if the default SIM for MMS is on the right SIMcard slot (the one you use for phone too, and not on the other one)?
(in my FP I use two SIMs, of which the one designated for MMS is the ‘data’ one, which most of the time is disabled: So indeed I find myself unable to deal with MMS, unless I activate my data SIM)

I’m having the same problem, so I’m just checking in o get an update, should anybody answer-

Helene, it seems the OP doesn’t react anymore…
What I can add to what I already said is, you have to check very carefully what is called the “APN settings” within the Fairphone: for MMS they are different from the ordinary GSM settings, for instance, and for my second SIMcard (french network) I for one had to deal with this setup by hand.

I’ve tried everything I could think of… With no luck. I contacted my phone company and had them send me the information, I tried changing the slot (and yes, it does work in other phones, I’ve downloaded an app to give me the correct information, setting it up manually… It’s still not working. :’(

Did you check if on your phone 3G is on?
Go to System Settings
Tap on 'More’
Tap on 'Mobile networks’
tap on '3G service’
Tap on ‘Enable 3G’ if you don’t see the name of your provider, and see of the name of your provider is in the list, if so, tick the box after the name of your provider on.
Check if the ‘Network Mode’ is on GSM/WCDMA

I have the same problem.3G service = OK. My APN is also OK. Now what?

My problem was solved by double checking the APN settings and then restarting the phone a couple of times… :smile:


My problem was solved after an afternoon of trying and caling my operator ’proximus’.
When I have more time I’ll put the entire procedure on the forum.


Please, could you explain the procedure you followed ?
I have the same problem with the MMS (I cant send them).
I 'm using Proximus as well.
Kind regards,

On my FP1, I have had issues sending an MMS from Signal (picture and text), then tried with the stock messaging app to no avail, checked all my APN settings…

In the end, I managed to send it by turning my data connection on! I assumed MMS’s were sent via the regular phone network, not the 3G network… I don’t get it, could someone explain?

Some providers (for example my German provider Congstar) don’t allow MMS over Wi-Fi. So you have to send them vía mobile data. What I don’t know is if you can receive any without being connected to the mobile internet.