Small sized Fairphone

Hi there!
Just wanted to share this with the FP team as a feedback but also to see if what I raise is of someone else’s concern!

I was wondering if you guys are planning to release a small screen fair phone! I dont know something around 4 inches! Is it mechanically possible?

I’ve just bought a refurbished Iphone SEs for the second time because of its screen size only! I think it would also a nice competitive advantage because I assume that many of the possible Fairphone customers may be people that don’t look at screen size very much! I feel is part of the Fairphone customer persona! I mind the nature of the phone not how fashionable it is (making a sociological assumption out of the belief that phone size and number of cameras became just pure social legittimation)!

What do you guys think?


This topic has already been extensively discussed. Please feel free to continue in one of these (open) topics for discussion with the community, and please #contactsupport to share your views with Fairphone.