Slow battery charge

If you take away the battery and plug the phone without the battery, do you see the Fairphone logo showing up and the red light on? Or something else? Nothing?
Did you try cleaning the usb port of your FP3 (carefully with a needle)?
Did you try taking away the bottom module and putting it back in again?

Advise regarding vvvvvvv slow charge. After removing battery. I see no red light and the fairphone logo doesn’t light up. What happens next. i.e nothing. I don’t have a needle. Do I really have to remove and add the bottom module?

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The phone powers from the battery so using just the USB will not work.

Cleaning and removing the bottom module are options, you don’t have to do that.

If the phone was bought less than two years ago you can use the warranty.

Where did you get the info you quote?

  • The red light only comes on when the battery is inserted and low
  • If the battery is dead, check it hasn’t bulged, then clearly it may not work and has a significantly increased risk of damage to the phone and self igniting.
  • The USB port can become dirty, tarnished connector or fluff.
  • The pins could be damaged
  • the module may have failed.

You can look all these issues up by searching this forum.

Sending off to Fairphone means a) you will have to wait to see their diagnostic report and b) who knows what they will or will not find. So a DIY is often a quicker and maybe cheaper option if you have no warranty

Links to follow . . .

For a breakdown which does not void the warranty do not go past Step 7 in the following

If you are out of warranty you can look at the following

Effectively you can remove all the modules without voiding the warranty but if you dismantle a module the warranty is then invalid

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I blew on the battery connector on battery and in cage and the usb contector on the phone. I was far far far too lazy to find my screwdrivers to unscrew the bottom bit. I reassembled phone. No red light, nothing highted. I switched on the phone and charged it again. Since having 2 sandwiches for luch the battery charge has jumped from 48% to 70 something percent. So I think the issue is resolved. IT says says switch it on and off. Thanks for the original message which came from a fairphone member of staff in another chat


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