Skype on FP4 with LineageOS 20

Hi, does anyone else use Skype on a FP4 with LineageOS 20.0? Here the voice of the other person sounds extremely high. That is very funny :rofl: but not as it should be. Any ideas what to do for a normal sound?

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I have the same issue with Skype on e/OS which is based on Lineage AFAIK. It sounds like Mickey mouse. On my Samsung tablet with e/OS it works fine.

Not found a solution so far. If someone has any ideas please help us.


same here, LineageOS. the fun part is the reason I upgraded from samsung S5 was skype.

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I have the same problem with Calyx. My research led to the explanation for the same problem in Windows that Skype does not recognize the sample rate correctly. But I don’t know how to check or correct that in Android.

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