Skype high-pitched voices on FP4 with Custom ROM

Hi, does anyone else use Skype on a FP4 with LineageOS 20.0? Here the voice of the other person sounds extremely high. That is very funny :rofl: but not as it should be. Any ideas what to do for a normal sound?

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I have the same issue with Skype on e/OS which is based on Lineage AFAIK. It sounds like Mickey mouse. On my Samsung tablet with e/OS it works fine.

Not found a solution so far. If someone has any ideas please help us.


same here, LineageOS. the fun part is the reason I upgraded from samsung S5 was skype.

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I have the same problem with Calyx. My research led to the explanation for the same problem in Windows that Skype does not recognize the sample rate correctly. But I don’t know how to check or correct that in Android.

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I literally just started using my brand new Fairphone 4 with /e/Os which I bought from the Fairphone website.

I haven’t yet plugged a SIM inside the phone for the moment but I have plugged and formatted and SD card.

I connected to the wifi, updated the OS to Android 12, /e/OS 1.18-s-20231207360611-stable-FP4, went to the App Lounge and installed Firefox (version 121.0) and Skype (version

When I call (or receive a call on Skype) the voices that I hear are very high-pitched, in this and other posts it is said “like Mickey Mouse”, same here.

On the other side of the Skype calls people can hear me nice and loud and texting is OK in Skype.

Skype has permissions for mike and camera (indeed the video part of the calls is OK).

If I play a YouTube video from Firefox the sound I hear is just perfect.

I tried to see if the noise reduction of Skype had any effect on that but it didn’t.

I tried (like said in the above mentioned post and originally here switching to mono audio from the accessibility settings but it didn’t help.

Here I can read (as a generic suggestion) “Does the issue still occur if you remove the SIM and SD cards?” and I haven’t yet tried this one.

Can anybody provide suggestions on what to check/do/modify to be able to hear a normal voice from Skype?

If the issue is with Skype than that’s fair enough and I’ll wait to see if it gets better with newer versions.

If this issue is being already worked on from the FP4 - /e/OS side (like written here it would be helpful to know when the correction might become available.

PLEASE NOTE: my experience with smartphones and their operating systems is extremely low, so detailed instructions would be really helpful in case someone has suggestions.

I am posting this one also here since I am not sure which is the best place to post this one (apologies for the double posting).

Thank you

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An update: removing/inserting SIM and/or SD card has no effect on high-pitch voices on Skype.
Normal phone calls and WhatsApp calls are working fine: voices are normal.
Only Skype has high-pitch voices.

Any help/info would be appreciated.

I dont think we can answer this in this forum here.

Moving you post over to the other, to not duplicate.

Just to say that now I reported my issue with Skype here High-pitched voices with Skype 8.112 on FP4 with /e/OS 1.18 plus /e/OS release notes (#7790) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab hoping to have some feedback/help sooner or later.
Thanks again

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