Skip logging on a public wiFi

In some public wifi you have to log in or accept the terms of service each time you want to enter it. Is there any way to skip this login or acceptance of conditions and enter that network? If it is not possible to skip the login or acceptance of conditions the first time you enter the wifi network, is it possible to skip it the following times?

What do you expect here as an answer? Some kind of “Autologin App”?
The “door” for login or acceptance of conditions is intentionally put by the one offering the public WiFi. So the phone can’t do anything to “pass it directly”.


I’m using the paid app “WiFi Web Login” which can automatically “click captive portals away”.

It can deal with simpler interfaces (e. g. checkbox + button) without further configuration, for more complicated interfaces, you can click within the app through the log-in process, which will be replayed in the future. The script can also be hand-written.

I did not manage to get it work with the REWE Wi-Fi or the Vodafone Free WiFi, but did not hand-write a script yet.

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