Since update: SIM-cards connection problem

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Since I went for the update, I have a big problem with my SIM-cards. When I (re)boot my phone, they do not connect anymore. Only after several reboots (sometimes 5 times or more) and/or taking out the battery, I can again fill in my pin-code and the connection is restored.

The connection with the cards also gets lost when I put my phone on flight mode during the night. In the morning, the connection is gone again.
Even worse: sometimes the connections with the cards gets lost in the middle of the day. I really need my phone during the day for work, so this is extremely annoying.

Anyone else with the same problem? Anyone who has a solution?

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You could try this …

  • Turn off the phone (if you have the new camera, activate the flashlight before, else it will just reboot).
  • Remove the SIM cards.
  • Turn on the phone
  • Once the OS is done booting, turn it off again.
  • Put the SIM cards into the phone again.
  • Turn on the phone

Any better?


Thanks for your answer!
I followed your steps but unfortunately it didn’t work.
I did notice that, when my sim-cards are not in the phone, it says ‘no sim’. in the upper left corner. When I put them back, it says ‘no service’. The icon (a sim-card with a slash) stays the same though in both situations.


Does it help if you reset the network settings?


I have no idea how to do that or how to find this?


The last days, my problem was slightly less 'problematic.
In other words, it doesn’t occur that often anymore, only sporadic.
So for now, I’m ok, but it’s not really fixed completely yet…


I just had the same problem for a couple of days.

Now I found the solution (workaround: just wait some seconds) here - thanksalot :slight_smile:


That does not help at all in my case, but good that it works for you. :slight_smile:
I need to reboot my phone several times before I can enter my PIN’s again. Sometimes I wait several minutes before another reboot, so just waiting does not help for sure for me.


I got the same issue. Tried some stuff.
When I use just one sim I’ve got no trouble. Also using either the first or the second sim slot.
So non of the sim are broken because the both work when using as only sim.
The slots themselves work because I can use either slot 1 or 2.

My current work around is to slide out the company sim in the evening and the private sim during daytime…

I’ll put in a service request but guess this normally takes a couple of weeks before a reply is given… :frowning:


That’s a serious workaround for now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Not really an option for me, because I need my both numbers together…

Maybe it’s best to put in a service request myself too.
Can you keep me updated if you get an answer? Thanks a lot!


I will keep you updated. The request was forwarded to hq yesterday.


Same problem here, also since the new update. Have you thought about opening an issue in the bugtracker?
Please bear in mind that the link does not work in Firefox.


I was updated with a work around and it seems to work:
In case of using 2 SIMS in the phone the problem is only 1 can connect to a data network. So, I needed to set the SIM which I’m not using for mobile data to 2G network.

I first had to link to that SIM only, set the network to 2G and restart with 2 sims again.

It seems to work now. I do have both SIMS and the both show connection. Will keep a close eye to it the next couple of days.


Exactly the same problem for me. No solution.
I’ve upvote for the bugtracker system.

Can anyone vote for that bug, it’s classified as “standard” for the priority and for the severity.
But for a phone, with which you can’t actually make a call, it should be classified as “critical”.


I have the same issue among others… I notice when my french SIMcard is on slot 1 and the German one on slot 2 it doesn’t work at all, but when I have French in 2 and German in 1 it’s working but doesn’t show my contacts… quite anoying.