Since update: SIM-cards connection problem

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Since I went for the update, I have a big problem with my SIM-cards. When I (re)boot my phone, they do not connect anymore. Only after several reboots (sometimes 5 times or more) and/or taking out the battery, I can again fill in my pin-code and the connection is restored.

The connection with the cards also gets lost when I put my phone on flight mode during the night. In the morning, the connection is gone again.
Even worse: sometimes the connections with the cards gets lost in the middle of the day. I really need my phone during the day for work, so this is extremely annoying.

Anyone else with the same problem? Anyone who has a solution?


You could try this …

  • Turn off the phone (if you have the new camera, activate the flashlight before, else it will just reboot).
  • Remove the SIM cards.
  • Turn on the phone
  • Once the OS is done booting, turn it off again.
  • Put the SIM cards into the phone again.
  • Turn on the phone

Any better?


Thanks for your answer!
I followed your steps but unfortunately it didn’t work.
I did notice that, when my sim-cards are not in the phone, it says ‘no sim’. in the upper left corner. When I put them back, it says ‘no service’. The icon (a sim-card with a slash) stays the same though in both situations.


Does it help if you reset the network settings?