SIM slot 1 does not work

My SIM slot 1 does not work. When I had just 1 SIM card, I used the # 2. Now I’ve got 2 SIM cards, I need to use the # 1. My 2 SIM cards are well recognized in slot # 2, but # 2 still stays empty.
How can I solve it ?

Have you checked whether the slots look the same? Especially look for the small pins, there should be three in each slot. There’ve been a couple of people here on the forum who’ve reported they’ve broken one of their SIM slots using a nano SIM in an adapter - seems that the slots are quite delicate so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s the odd one that is defective before it has even left the factory. More information and example pictures here.

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Thanks for your reply. I took time to check but I can’t see some difference beetween the two slots :slight_smile: .

Okay, no obvious hardware defect (doesn’t rule out any non-obvious ones). The only software thing that I can think of would be something to do with the 3G/4G toggle and having two 3G-only sims. But in that case the SIM would still be recognised by the phone (it wouldn’t, however, connect to the network). It’s probably worth contacting Fairphone support about the issue. Tickets can be filed here (still a huge backlog, so can take a while - calling may be faster), call details are at the very bottom of any of the support pages (just above the gray footer)

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