SIM/RUM is perso locked -- No Service

Hi all!
I recently sold a fairphone 2, from the UK to France.
The buyer has the following issue, which I believe means the phone is “locked” to the UK operators.

Does anyone know a “fix” for this, maybe having the handset “flashed”??

SIM/RUM is perso locked – No Service


Which OS are we talking about here?

“Locked” FP2, totally new to me.
Maybe a Google account issue not entirely cleared before sold.

FP2 does not have a so called SIM lock. Try a #dic:hardreset (that should have been done anyway before giving it away).


Hm, is that a command?
Some kind of USSD code perhaps?
I am curious about such as I hardly know them.

Do you know specifically what this does?
Wouldn´t a factory reset do the same?

dic:hardreset is a link to our forum’s dictionary entry for “hard reset”.


Were there any SIM holder issues disclosed prior to sale, for example only one of the two SIM slots being available due to nanoSIM adaptor damage?

Upon which UK service providers was your FP2 used?

Oh, thanks for this…:grin:

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