Signal messenger can't read contacts

Hi All,

This is a weird thing again. So I was trying to get UNLP working on my fairphone open OS and in the process I messed my data up so hard, I had to reïnstall my phone. Now I notice that Signal messenger can’t read my contacts anymore.

My current situation:

  • microG up and running with fakeGapps and fakeStore (I’m using Yalp)
  • Fairphone open OS
  • Everything else works fine

Ive tried to reinstall microG. With different setups but no difference.
I’ve lost all backups… So I’m out of ideas…
I’ve red online that this subject appeared before. But the solutions there are not working neither.

Does someone can help my further?

It get’s even more weird. The desktop app does displays my contacts properly. How is that even possible?

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