Shipping to Saudi Arabia - help needed

Dear community,

I just checked and for purchasing fairphone4.
Both of them offer gray/green fairphones but I need a speckled-green! :slight_smile:
How can I order a speckled-green fairphone4 and ship it to Saudi Arabia?

I have been using my iphoneSE from 2016 because I share similar values to those of the fairphone community regarding e-waste and prolonging the device’s lifetime as long as possible. Unfortunately, my iphone is harder and harder to use and I want it to be the last device I bought from apple, I will be happy to switch to a more eco-friendly option like fairphone. Especially in speckled-green color :sweat_smile:

Thank you.

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Welcome to our Community! :wave:

Two thoughts:

I’m not sure if you noticed, but in just four days Fairphone will present something new:

You might want to wait until wednesday to see what it will be, perhaps you want to make your choice only afterwards.

The other: The speckled green Fairphone 4 differs from the green Fairphone 4 in just one part – the back cover. This is a spare part that you can replace easily yourself and is available in Fairphone’s online shop:

So while this might not be directly available to your country, it might be much easier to “import” than a whole Fairphone 4.

P.S.: I just noticed Vireo actually offers this part as well (even cheaper than in Fairphone’s own shop):


Thank you for sharing your very valuable thoughts :slight_smile:
Honestly, I did not think to just order a fairphone with an extra case.

Excited to wait a bit as well.


I think I’m in a similar situation, waiting for my current phone to run out of support before buying a FP; I’m also shopping from outside the EU.

The best help I eventually found was a list of resellers on their main site:

While FairPhone themselves don’t ship outside Europe, many of those vendors will. If I remember, at least a couple sold individual parts as well.

Um, a disclaimer, though: I haven’t verified any of that for at least a few months.

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If a custom ROM (an ungoogled Android operating system) on your Fairphone is an option for you, Murena is now officially selling the FP4 with their own /e/OS pre-installed from within the USA – so no custom hassle or fees involved. See Murena Fairphone 4 – Murena – deGoogled phones and services

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I just looked at the news. I definitely want a transparent fairphone5 and extra sky-blue cover.

The problem is similar to the original: amazon and vireo do not offer it, is there a way to purchase it and get in Saudi Arabia?

By accident my friend is now in Poland and will return to KSA in a week, This will not be enough to get faiphone5, right?

I’d be a bit patient, it would surprise not just me a lot if Vireo would not eventually offer the FP5. And yes, the first devices will only be delivered from 14 September.

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Hard to be patient with diyng iphone 2016 (i changed battery to one from aliexpress but see no real improvement) and supernice fairphone5 available :slight_smile:

Maybe I will write to vireo about the fairphone5 to raise the probability of their delivery offer :innocent:

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My colleague is traveling for the Physics Society meeting in Baden Honnef on October 30-31 and offered to bring me Fairphone5. A complication is that he will be with Saudi simcard only, but he says he will be able to meet the courier at the building entrance at a specific time. Can you please suggest a way to arrange such a delivery to him?

Sorry, but I don’t really know how I can help there. Maybe he can contact the Physics Society (or his hotel?) to find out if he can have the Fairphone 5 sent to their office in time before the Bad Honnef meeting?

P.S.: One more idea if you are ordering directly from Fairphone – you can have it delivered to a UPS pickup location, example here (click to see, note this is a fictitious address, of course)

Generally, I strongly recommend you contact Fairphone Support with your query if you mean to order through them: (form and phone number bottom half of the page)

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A villa was donated to the Physics Society for their meetings (with housing), parties (I’m joking), etc., so there is no reception to leave the delivery for someone.
I just thought there could be some local German super-flexible courier services that you could know. Sorry for bothering and thank you for the reply!