Share buttons: Why do I see irrelevant entries in sharing dialog's fast access?

When pressing a share button in most applications, some overlay pops up on the bottom half of the screen, as can be seen in this documentation by Android (Source):
The bottom row shows a list of apps, the next row above is meant to show a few commonly used contacts, e.g. from messenger/mail apps, something like a “fast access”. On my Fairphone 4 (latest updates installed), the contacts are not commonly used at all. Quite the contrary: For all the 4 options displayed, I have used them at most once or twice, for some of them already months or years ago. In contrast, there are other contacts I share content with on a daily base, but they are never displayed in this “fast access” bar. None of the contacts I’m seeing there are pinned and they sporadically change from time to time. I fear that I might accidentally share an image with some random people I haven’t talked to in months or years.

Is someone seeing the same problem? Is this related to Fairphone (4)'s version of Android?

Does anyone know whether this is caused by some privacy settings? It would be plausible if only Google apps (or other low-privacy apps) contributed to the list of most recently used contacts, but I don’t know whether that is the case.

Also, I don’t understand how I could pin contacts which are not shown. In my messenger app, if I click on it from the bottom row, the app immediately opens, but I can’t find an option to add the contact to Android’s sharing dialog.

Edit: According to this issue at the Signal messenger for Android, the contents of the sharing dialog are solely managed by the Android OS.


I have the same problem.

The top rows show nothing usefull. Old contacts i never chat with and Apps i never use (sms for example)
I have to scroll allways to the bottom to pick Sinal, Telegram or WhatsApp to send somthing.

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My fp4 is the same, useless contacts selected and can’t scroll to others. The apps can sometimes be random ones, but it’s possible to long press and pin specific ones to the top at least