Several issues with my FP2 (battery life, network connectivity, loud background noise when calling, ...)

Dear FP-community,

My FP2 is a bit over 2 years old and at the moment I face several issues … I don’t know if the problems are connected with each other or if they are singular problems. Maybe someone can help me or give me a hint what I should try/test next.

  1. network connectivity is bad and changes constantly
    Phone has no connection, very low connection or is constantly searching for connection:
  • Does not matter if I’m in the city or in rural areas.
  • I’ve replaced my SIM card a week a go and nothing changed.
  • I’ve tried it in the 2nd slot - nothing has changed.
  • I’ve tested my FP with a SIM card of another provider and it’s the same.
  • I have tested my new SIM card in another phone and it worked perfectly.
  1. people complain about loud background noises when I call them
    If my phone has good connection and I call people they sometimes complain that they can’t hear me and they hear loud background noises. But there is no noise in the background when I call them. I’ve already checked my mic but it seems to work.

  2. battery life is very bad
    After an issue last year with constant reboots I got the battery replaced. So the battery is a bit older than a year now. I’m not a hard core user but battery is not lasting 12 hours (using it maybe for 1-2 hours in total). I have switched off bluetooth, GPS and optimized everything (apps etc.) to save battery. But e.g. today the phone was on the charger until 6 o’clock pm and then I just listend to Spotify for about 40min and checked Facebook. The battery was at 15% at around 9 o’clock pm.

  3. phone is getting really hot on top
    The phone is getting really hot on the top 1/3 when doing just random things like checking mails, twitter, etc. Also when charging it gets very hot and I’m using a charger that is recommended for the FP2.

I’ve forgotten a 5 issue: display is going black when pressing call button
When I press call the screen is going black and does not react on touch. The only way to hang up the call is pressing the “on/off button”.

My phone is running on android 6.0.1 and I regularly update my phone. I use a charger recommended by FP. My phone only had one major problem once (constant reboots) that was solved by changing the battery.

Thank you for your help!

For a start …


Thank you for your reply! Of course I’ve already tried the FP trouble shooting for all the issues … I mean I own a FP2 since 2 years :wink:

Network connectiviy
I’ve checked the antenna connections. Everything is fine.

And I’ve just cleaned the contact pads two weeks ago. There was some oxidation but cleaning it did not change anything.

Battery life
I now check my battery with the AccuBattery app maybe I know more after monitoring the battery for 1-2 weeks.

I’ve now ordered a new bottom module and battery. If that does not help, I will replace my FP2 and go pack to an iPhone. Than the FP2 was the most unsustainable smartphone I ever owned :angry:

I have the same challenges with battery life and over-heating, also frequently the microphone stops working so nobody can hear me when I call them. I fix that by wiggling the charger in the charging port (thanks FP2 Forum for that tip) but it is annoying when not near a charger. I am working my way through the #batteryguide tips… Let me know if you find a solution!

That’s interesting. By wiggling the charger the microphone is working properly again? That is a sign for me that the bottom module is damaged. Keep my fingers crossed that the new bottom module will fix at least the microphone problem.

Could fix problem 2 with crackling noises when calling by changing the bottom module.

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