Setting up e/OS email

Using my PC I have created an account
I can log in OK and do things like creating contacts.
However, on the phone I am prevented from setting up this account, even though I am attached to a wifi and can browse on the internet. It says ‘checking incoming server settings’ and then says that setup could not finish - username or password incorrect. If I use it asks me what kind of account it is - I presume that it is IMAP by default. It then says that the IMAP server is Now it says Seup could not finish - Cannot connect to server

Hi and welcome. Did you check on the murena forum for Tipps and Tricks? Could you add your account under settings-accounts?

Else here you find some information how to set-up, have you tried this?

Want to manually configure your mail client for /e/?Most mail clients should be able to configure your /e/ ID automatically, once you input your /e/ username and password. In case that is not possible, please use these settings to manually configure:
SMTP/IMAP server:
SMTP/IMAP username: your /e/ email address in full (example:
SMTP/IMAP password: your /e/ email password
SMTP port: 587, plain password, STARTTLS, requires authentication
IMAP port: 993, SSL/TLS, requires authentication


Thanks for the suggestions. I have now tried adding the account in settings, but it says Login failed - please check your user name and password If I tap SHOW DETAILS I get a page of debugging details!
I shall carry on with other suggestions, but maybe already you have an idea of what might be happening?

I have just realised that you mentioned the Murena forum, which I presume is not this one! Where do I find that?

Here is the Fairphone Forum. I just created a murena account for testing and could add my E-Mail account to my mail app with the information linked above, without any issues without having e/OS installed or the murena account added under settings-accounts.

The e/OS/Murena specific forum

Edit: for sure Murena questions can be raised here as well and the e/OS community on the murena forum is just bigger and depending on the topic one might find faster help over there.


I have only started setting up the phone a day or two ago, and since there is something strange happening to me that doesn’t happen to you, maybe I should reset the phone and start again?
Is that possible?

Reset is possible you will just loose all documents, pictures ,apps etc. Either its an issue with the account itself (however would be strange as you said you can use it in a browser) or some setting issue on the FP4 ( no real idea what it could be).

To reset, you would have to go under settings-system and do a factory reset. Might be worse a try…

I think I’ll do that - but tomorrow when I am more awake!
I haven’t done much work on the phone itself because I have done it all on the PC and it will carry over to the phone, won’t it? All I have done on the phone is check that it connects to wifi and that I can make and receive a call.

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Dont know as I dont know what you have done on PC :wink:…if you in the Murena Cloud than yes normally once the account is setup on the phone it should synchronize

Created about 30 important contacts and uploaded some notes and documents that I like to carry around. I couldn’t see a way to import contacts from another system.
Actually, I was hoping to add a mail account and to have all its contacts available too.

There are some How-tos to be found here … Support topics … the one on migrating has info on contacts which might be helpful … Migrate to /e/.

Apart from syncing online, if your contact source can save or export contacts as a VCF file, you can then transfer the file to the phone and simply import it in the /e/OS Contacts App via Menu (the three bars at the top left) - Settings - Import - .vcf file.

If you run Outlook locally on your computer, e.g. MyPhone Explorer would be able to sync the contacts with the phone.
Else I guess you should open a topic over at the /e/ community and ask whether anybody already set up your particular use case successfully.


When you want to create an account its only now, however the IMAP/SMTP server name for mail setup is still also for the Mails.

Seems they have to do some work to merge the e/foundation HP to the Murena HP…


Ah ok, thanks. Edited.
So, /e/ documentation looking plausible, but not up to snuff … I should know better by now :slight_smile: .

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I did a factory reset but it didn’t change anything.
I installed the latest update available, but to no avail.
So I did another factory reset and this time I created an email address, which was given to me as, and this is working.
I thought that was a different address for the same mailbox, but in this case if I send to that address it bounces.
Adding to the mystery, I ordered two phones - one for me and one for my wife. When I set mine up a couple of weeks ago I had none of these problems!

Not sure what happend, but the change from to Murena is quite new and maybe a few weeks ago you set-up an email with the old account and due to the change you are switched to automatically and for some time both will work, however for newly created only will be provided.

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Which e-mail app are you using on your new phone? The standard /e/OS app?

I would recommend getting the account sorted out first (Settings > Accounts), as most of the other services are going to depend on that.

In the mail app you should choose imap (as far as I have been able to find out, does not provide POP services).

On the subject of contacts, once you’ve got the ecloud address book called “Contacts” synchronized and visible in the Contacts app, on the phone create one contact manually adding it to the “Contacts” address book, and make sure synchronization is working (you should see the contact appear in the ecloud web interface).
I would advise importing into the Contacts app on the phone and not into Contacts in the ecloud interface. I got into difficulties doing that.
When you use the Contacts app to import, you’ll be invited to choose the address book in which to store these new contacts. Choose the “Contacts” address book from ecloud.

Be careful here. If provides a carddav / webdav service then you could add the outlook contacts as a separate address book and account accessed through the Contacts app on the phone, but I wouldn’t try to synchronize that with a new address book in ecloud. But I just had a look and it doesn’t look very hopeful frankly. Probably the best you can do is get a csv from outlook and import that in the Contacts app on the phone. At least you’ll know where you are! :smile:

Oh dear! I really depend on the contacts on my PC because of the way they can be ordered and made to display with subheadings. Basically I was hoping to set that up as the primary (or only) contacts source on the phone.

Well I’m not saying there isn’t a solution, but I don’t see one right now.
What MS service are you using exactly? Just web ? Or is this a O365 professional or a company setup? Or an outlook client installed on the PC?

Have a look round here:


But that presupposes you administer or can obtain changes to the Nextcloud server (self-hosting for e.g.)

I use
On my previous Samsung Android phone I didn’t have any problems. I didn’t even suspect that this might not be the case with the FP4.

Did you use /e/OS on the Samsung, and the issue wasn’t there?
Did you initially use the stock Fairphone OS on the Fairphone 4, and the issue wasn’t there?