Serious problems after camera replacement, hard reset stuck

Hello, I am despairing. Since I have installed the new camera module on the FP2, my phone is useless. Although this problem is often described here, but I have not found a working solution for me. A few seconds after booting, the screen freezes and shortly thereafter it boots again by itself. It is very hot above the battery.
What I have tried so far:

  • wlan off
  • Flight mode
  • sim card out
  • Unfortunately, I can not disable apps, because the phone has already hung up, before I reach the menu.
  • reinstall old camera
  • Leave camera completely
  • hard reset. After the first boot up the phone wants to go to the wifi, when entering the password freezes the screen and it restarts again.

What else can I do now?

It’s my second FP2 and has worked well for about 8 months now. I sent back my first FP2 for the same reason. But this time I do not want to generate more electronic waste.

Thank you for your help in advance


Have you updated to the latest software version? Iirc, earlier OS versions are incompatible with the new camera module.

Hello Stefan, thanks for your answer. Yes, I have recently made an update. As described above, I have then installed the old camera. This had only a crack in front of the lens, but worked without problems. But that did not matter. Finally I left out the camera. That did not help either.
This is my second FP2. My first had the same problem with unattended reboots. However, the problem grew over many weeks until nothing worked.

Oh, sorry I overlooked that you had tried with the old camera. So the situation is not caused by the camera, but by something else.

Can you define, what you did as “hard reset”? Did you go to #dic:recoverymode and perform a “Wipe Data”?

What’s the natural environment of your phone? How do you carry it usually? Is it humid in your surroundings?

Hi Stefan,
…but the problem starts with changing the camera.

First time I performed “zurücksetzten auf Werkseinstellungen” in settings menu. But after your advice I tried this:
and perfomed “wipe data”. In the end the result is the same :frowning:

Usually I carry it in my pocket. Sometimes also when I´m doing some sports. maybe then it´s a bit humid in my pocket, but sorry, that´s what an mobile phone should be made for. And I never had any problems caused by humid surrondings before. However, I´m finished with fairphone, which makes me sad. In the meantime I swiched to an second hand outdoor-phone, hoping it will last until fairphone will produce a more solid phone.
Thank you very much for your help and your engagement for fairphone!

From a resource-efficiency point of view second-hand is probably even better than buying a new Fairphone. :+1: