Seperating display Glas and lcd

My phone does now have alcohol in between its display glass and the lcd. Can you separate those two to clean it?

Fairphone pursued the aim/dream to repair broken glass screens at the very beginning (i.e. glass broken, underlying touch-sensitive layer intact), but quickly had to accept it was not possible to properly/cleanly merge the two layers again after separating them.

In your case: How long have you waited since the alcohol got in between the two layers?


Just a couple of seconds. It looked like the alcohol seeped in through the display board and in between the two layers. I understand that it is merely impossible to do that, but I was curious if there would be hope for that still. I relatively quickly accepted that I can’t change that so I ordered a replacement part. At least now I know to keep IPA away from that screen. I originally tried to clean the phone after it fell into a lake. I got it out the water relatively quickly and wanted to dry and clean all parts that got water. Interestingly the display can repell water better when it’s assembled into the case. Anyways thanks for clarifying that.


Hey mmik!
Maybe wait a couple more days and let the phone dry. I personally had a similar issue with my FP2 when it went all wet. I cleaned it with alcohol and had a defekt in the display view. Touch and everything worked totally fine, but the colors were different and over time (really not more than a week) it seemed as the display was drying in a circle from the edges to the middle. I am not sure were it went into the phone/display and if it was the alcohol or water, but the fairphone is quite robust with liquids with my experience :wink:


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