Sending my FP3 to France for a stripped screw

Hi everyone,

I was interested in what my FP3 would look like if I took it apart with the FP screwdriver [spoiler: if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it]. However, as others here have noticed as well, the screws can be stripped easily. I tried to remove them very carefully, but there was one screw I couldn’t get moving at all, and in my effort I stripped it. Help! How Can I Remove Stripped Screws from My FP3!?

Thus, I contacted support for advice. Today I received a response that I can send my phone to France for a free repair under warranty, where they will replace the stripped screw with a new one.

My question is: how long does it usually take for something like that? I am from the Netherlands. A week? A month? Even longer? I hope that some of you in the forum have experience with this, so that I can decide wether it’s worth it (because apart from the thing I screwed up, the phone is working perfectly) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot in advance!

I recently had to send my FP4 for replacement. It took about 4 business days for the package to get from Czechia to France, one day to process it, and then after another 3 days I received a new phone. I’m not sure how long it will take them to replace a screw, but it is quite likely that you will have it back within two weeks.


Just to make extra super sure (I assume you have read it already …), is there a sentence in your emails from Support/Cordon that the device will be factory reset upon reception in France?


I recently had similar issues and another/bigger screw driver helped. overall I have the feeling the PH00 is not the best for screws sitting very tight. Do you not have any mobile repair shops or repair Cafés, modeling communities, radio operator community close? I would assume such shops/communities are used to work with such tiny screws and mightt be able to help. And if you then need a replacement screw, I can send you some.


Thank you for the responses! I don’t have any experience with repair cafés (although I know there is one in my city). However, I think it’s also an interesting challenge to not have my phone around for a week or two :slight_smile: And then I can be sure that everything goes well. Indeed FP mentioned that I need to save my data before sending it, but thanks @urs_lesse! And thank you for the kind offer @yvmuell.


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