Selling my FP2 spare parts [SOLD - Complete Phone]

What product(s) are you offering?

[Sold] I am selling my fully functional FP2 (upgraded cameras) from 2017 with Lineage OS 18.1 (Android 11) and Google Pico services. Price is 80 EUR + shipping from Germany.

I am selling my spare parts also:
bricked FP2 (broken core module), all other modules (upgrades cameras) are working. I tested it with my working FP2. Price is 50 EUR + shipping

Display module: 25 EUR + shipping

[Sold] working bottom module: 20 EUR + shipping

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Photo(s) of the product(s) (if it is a phone, please include a photo of the phone switched on displaying the current date):

Other, remarks:

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, please check #how-to-dm.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

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The rule regarding the sale of a Fairphone, is to show its condition, so could you please post a picture of the phone with the screen on displaying the date, not just a screenshot ?

Thanks for you understanding.

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Hi Antoine,
thanks for pointing this out. As requested I attached a picture of the phone with actual date and time.

The display has no damage, it is just some air bubbles from my screen protector.
Kind Regards


Just a short update: My working FP2 is SOLD.
The other parts are still available.


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