Selling FP2 in the UK

Hello folks,

I’m selling a Fairphone 2 in the UK, anybody interested? It’s in working order, could be useful for spare parts for other fairphoners? It’s on eBay (just easier to handle the payments, etc), here:

Can make it available for international shipping if there’s interest.


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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

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Hi and welcome back to the forum.

It’s customary, here, to show the phone working via a picture od the screen with today’s date. I checked the eBay site and didn’t see one there, either.

May be a good idea to add a price, for example I wouldn’t usually go to eBay etc.

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Thanks! Good idea, I’ve added a screen photo to eBay:

At the moment I’ve set the price at £100 but I’m open to feedback!

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Any issues with the headphone connection?

I never noticed any issues, can’t say I used the headphone jack much though!

Sounds perfect. Been a while since I used eBay, but am happy to pay £100 - is there a “Buy it now” option?

I didn’t add a ‘buy it now’ - I see someone made an offer though, was that you by any chance?

That was indeed me, yes.

It’s on it’s way - pleasure doing business with you!

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