Selling Fairphone 2 for parts

I am selling my Fairphone2 with connection problems (it randomly looses connection and I cannot call or be called). Spare parts are as follows:

  1. Battery - used, but stays full for whole day of using: 5 EUR
  2. Top module - 15 EUR
  3. Old camera module - 10 EUR
  4. Core model - 20 EUR

All other parts on request. Price is negotiable. I send worldwide.

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As a hint - oxidation.

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Any ideas how to clean oxidation in a simple way at home?

As @Meindert_Giessen wrote here, this sounds as one of the easiest ways treating this.

Also there are several special cleansing fluids in spray cans available to do this.

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I need a new frame, the black one which holds the screen (not the case on the back) and in which the buttons are attached. The buttons are loose and are hopeless to get in place after dismantle the phone. Do you have one for me?


I do! But i am on holidays and could send you on the 18th of auctober only. Would this still be ok?

I managed to fix the buttons, at least temporarily. I will contact you later if I still need a frame.

Thank you for your answer.

Have a nice summer!

Mattias Ahlstedt
023-126 11, 0730-39 54 61

Den tis 30 juli 2019 15:35Monika PaulauskaitÄ— via Fairphone Community Forum skrev:

Hi there. I’d be interested in the bottom module. Is it still available? Could you ship to Switzerland? Thanks in advance!


Yes it is still available. I am in Switzerland myself now as well however i dont have a phone with me. I could send it to you on the 18th of august. Would that work for you?

Hi Monika,

Is the phone still available?

Hello, I’m interested in the screen if its still available. I dropped my Fairphone 2 the other day and the screen shattered… I didn’t have a screen protecter on it. If you haven’t already sold the screen, I would pay the 40 EUR you asked plus shipping. Thanks!


Sorry. Screen is already sold.

Ok, thanks for your reply.

Hello, great, yes that would work fine if you’d send it on the 18th!


Yes, just without the screen.

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