Selling Brand New Fairphone 5

Hi Meaghan,

I clearly wrote that is a brand-new phone and not the previously one repaired.
As you can imagine, being a brand-new phone it has a completely new IMEI number.
Previously IMEI number: 355214501323131 (here you can double check the conversation regarding the malfunction of my previous fairphone: ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Sim card non riconosciuta)
Brand-new phone IMEI number: see the attached photo below.

Regarding the warranty, Fairphone states as follows:

โ€œโ€“ In case You sell or donate Your Product to someone else, this person (โ€œSecond Ownerโ€) can benefit from In-Warranty repairs and replacements as long as they can demonstrate the device was registered for this Warranty by the Original owner and they can show the proof of purchase We or one of Our authorized partners issued to You (transferred Warranty). The transferred Warranty cannot extend beyond the period of Your original Warranty from the date of Your delivery.โ€

This brand-new one Fairphone has never been turned on, so it must be registered for warranty. Of course I can provide the proof of purchase.

I hope this answers your doubts.