Selling Brand New Fairphone 5


I sell my new transparent Fairphone 5, still packed in the original packaging. I had problem with a previous one bought in December 2023 (SIM not recognized) and the factory sent me a brand new one. I prefer to sell it as my experience as consumer has been unsatisfying so far.

I ask 650€ and the price includes a original, brand new screen protector and a green cover. Sending from Italy (Milan).


It’s custom on this forum to post a photo with the phone showing the date of today.

Hi Lidwien. Sorry but I cannot provide such photo as I have never switched it on and, as mentioned, it is still in its original packaging.

Since one has to be careful these days, I would recommend the buyer a handover in person.

@PaoloMalerba I understand you found your experience with FP frustrating and you wish to part yourself with a phone. However, from a point of view of a potential buyer, it might be difficult to grasp the concept. Is this a brand-new phone or the previous one repaired? Is there a completely new IMEI number? How will the extended warranty work in this case? Will it be even possible to register that?

If I were to purchase a phone that no one has seen:) I think I would need a better incentive.

Apologies for being direct and good luck with your phoning journey

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Hi Meaghan,

I clearly wrote that is a brand-new phone and not the previously one repaired.
As you can imagine, being a brand-new phone it has a completely new IMEI number.
Previously IMEI number: 355214501323131 (here you can double check the conversation regarding the malfunction of my previous fairphone: 🇮🇹 Sim card non riconosciuta)
Brand-new phone IMEI number: see the attached photo below.

Regarding the warranty, Fairphone states as follows:

“– In case You sell or donate Your Product to someone else, this person (“Second Owner”) can benefit from In-Warranty repairs and replacements as long as they can demonstrate the device was registered for this Warranty by the Original owner and they can show the proof of purchase We or one of Our authorized partners issued to You (transferred Warranty). The transferred Warranty cannot extend beyond the period of Your original Warranty from the date of Your delivery.”

This brand-new one Fairphone has never been turned on, so it must be registered for warranty. Of course I can provide the proof of purchase.

I hope this answers your doubts.

Are you sure that this is how it works for a replacement device? Did you check with Fairphone? And remind: you only have 90 days to register the extended warranty. So did you ever register the device you initially purchased?

I deleted the picture with the IMEIs

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Dear Yvonne,

Of course I have registered my previous FP for extended warranty. I have also double-checked with FP for extended warranty on the brand-new one. This is their response:

"Dear Paolo,

Thank you for letting me know. That’s great to hear!

I’ve moved the extended warranty from the one phone to the other. If you need our help in the future, my colleagues will see that we’ve replaced your device with another one. There’s nothing else you have to do :)."

I hope this answers your meaningful doubts.

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