Selling 12MP rear camera and battery - FP2

I am selling my 12MP camera and a battery that I bought two months ago. 10€ each one and shipping. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m un belgium ans really interested un thé caméra!
Where are you from? Thanks !

Hi! I’m from Spain. If you are interested, I could ship it. I suppose the cost is cheap, may I ask.

In fact I’m interested in both the camera and battery, can you ship it to belgium (I gues sit’s a little package so it will be cheap :)) ?
You can contact me at (just put my name from my account three letters and 3 digits in front of the ‘add’ ) for the details :slight_smile:
Thanks and have a good day !

I hate, to put some water in the wine.
But shipping LiIon batteries is not that easy.
Take a look here and check for the spanish mail conditions:

But if the battery was bought two months ago, maybe the original packaging - including the battery label - is still lying around and can be used?

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