Selfie-stick experiences?


I wonder if FP2 works with selfie sticks, especially not bluetooth but audioport cable-based ones? I had to notice, that my Motorola Moto G does not work with the cable-based version, though it has a 3,5 mm audio port for headphones…

Nobody as used a selfie stick with the FP??? Cannot believe it…

I’m sorry and I really don’t want to insult you, but in my opinion selfie sticks represent the desocialising aspect of our society. You could just ASK someone for taking a picture of you.

And I don’t think that FP users are the target group for selfie sticks


Interesting, I never thought about it that way. My problem with selfie sticks always was that I don’t get why on earth I would have to be in every picture I take of some scenery or place. I was there even if I’m not visible in the picture, and any picture of some nice outlook can only be better without people unnecessarily clogging up space in it, but perhaps I only lack the required bragging drive and skills :slight_smile:

On topic: People here suggest the SelfiShop Camera App did the trick for them, when taking pictures via audio port didn’t work out of the box.


I fully agree with you, but I don’t like to make pictures with people in general.

Well, when you are hiking in the mountains, a selfie stick is quite nice sometimes, especially if you have not seen any other person for hours and hours… And it is nice to take pictures, e.g. from birds flying to a bird feeder - they don’t like it if you are standing next to it, but if you are using a selfie stick, it works quite often. Same with butterflies, and other animals… Also, a selfie stick is a bit like a flying drone - you can even take a picture from above you :wink: Quite nice, if you want to see if you are loosing your hair at the top of your head (as in my case :frowning: ) …


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Hi all,

I know it’s an old story and I also know that opinions differ about using selfie sticks. BUT I really would like to use it with my FP2 and I am convinced it should be up to the individual to decide whether or whether not to use these additional devices…
However, I tried several additional camera apps including Open Camera but nothing worked. Does anyone have a clue how selfie sticks (Bluetooth connected) can work for a FP2? Thank you!

Have you tried using the audio port/headphone jack instead of Bluetooth? …

Hi, thank you for the hint. My actual selfie stick uses Bluetooth but I will try a wired one, then. For now I can still use the stick when activating time delayed shutter. :wink:

Got myself a wired selfie stick now and it works like charm. Video capture on and off works perfectly with Open camera even. I guess you can do much more if you learn the “Morse” codes of the button to zoom in and out and that.
Bluetooth did not work after all which is a bit strange because I had a connection but nothing happened when I pressed the button. Since Bluetooth selfie sticks address the exact same button I have no idea why this way is not functioning.

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