Searching tool on home screen

Not sure what you mean there.

However you could use a different launcher, the app that gives the format and layout to the home screen etc. I use Nova Launcher but here are some others.


If you want to change the search engine used for the widget after the first boot you need adb and have to use those commands:

That will reset the selected search engine and prompt you again to choose one.
As far as I know there still isn’t an easier way to do it… :roll_eyes:

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That won’t the remove the widget, just changes it to a dummy placeholder that does nothing when pressed.


Another launcher man be an alternative

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You can’t remove the Google Widget from the home screen of your original Launcher, I think. Here, for example, is my solution: Niagara Launcher. The screenshot is from my Fairphone 3+; you can download Niagara Launcher and the Legam Icons for your FP4 from the Play Store.

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I am very disappointed in the fact that I cannot change the home screen, I would like to remove the search bar and the date… Neither are removeable… why ??? I wish I did not purchase this product… it is not as good as they keep stating.

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You can install a different launcher. I used Nova for exactly those reasons ~ easy

See this

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How can I remove the search bar from the home screen

You can’t if you’re using the stock launcher. You can use an alternative launcher, such as Lawnchair.


Problem is I do not want any Google on my phone… I do not use it or need it. I was under the impression that the FP4 was Google Free… Am now so disappointed in this phone, that I will soon be selling it… For me it is rubbish, sadly.

If you install a Google-free alternative OS (such as /e/OS, CalyxOS, etc.) it’s definitely Google-free, but the default OS is definitely not Google-free.

I’m not aware of any marketing that implied otherwise.


Additionally, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing it yourself, you have an option to buy FP4 directly from Murena with /e/OS preinstalled.


Thanks, this sounds li8ke what I am looking for, but no where on their site does it have a link to root this phone. I do not really want to pay another £700 for another mobile… Do you know a link to where I could root this phone ?

Hi @Paul_Fungii

If you root the phone and|or install any other OS you cannot avail yourself of the warranty unless you reinstall the default FOS. Except for maybe a flaky back cover or a camera drops out etc.

You can however
a) Instal Nova launcher to dispense with the Google search option
b) use adb to remove many Google apps, including the Google Play Store for example

all without rooting or voiding the warranty

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You dont need to root to install another OS

Check the #oslist for links to all available systems


That sounds good, will have a go… Thank you…

I do not seem to be able to get phone to go into fats boot mode / I press start and volume dwn buttons and hold, all tht happens is Fairphone logo across cebtre and powered by Android logo at botton, ,the phone vibrates, then screen goes blank, few seconds later, again the logs,and vibrate and nothing then it comes again… I let it do this ten times… nothing… I then held the buttons and when the logos appeared i let go and the phone seemed to start as normal ? So how do I get Fastboot mode ?

not sure which instructions you followed, here are those for the FP4

Alternatively, you can **disconnect** the USB cable, **turn off** your Fairphone, then **connect** the cable and hold the **volume down** button. After a few seconds, you'll see the **fastboot mode**.

Edit: I think it was not yet mentioned: better do not lock the bootloader again after flashing the other ROM

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nope exactly the same… logo appears, phone vibrates, then logo disapears then comes back phone vibrates and again disappears… tried this 10 times, nothing…

Did you try via ADB (described in the linked article)?

I read about it, but seems a lot to do… I am not a programmer… But still says I need to get into fastboot mode… which nphone will not do. I have developer rights, turned on debugging etc etc… but when switch off, then hold volume down and hold power button, nothing happens other than phone just tries to restart as normal…will not go into fastboot mode ?