SDcards unreachable

One of our FP1 shows exactly the same symptoms as those desctibed by @Toon here, and which apparently weren’t solved at the time.

After reboot and when going to settings>memory, at the bottom of the panel there is a brief flash on the SDCard line, saying the card is analyzed, and then card mentions just disappear, replaced by the ‘insert card’ wording corresponding to a missing card.

We did this with various cards, formatted variously (we never reach the stage where one could actually format the card from within the FP1); the behavior is similar whatever the card, including the ‘good old one’ that was used for years, and a brand new one.
(both can be perfectly read/written on any computer.)

Is this a hardware failure related to the microSD interface?

Is there a way to clean it?

(on the FP1 the contacts are totally out of reach for me, but there may be a way to dismount the metallic caging atop of them?)

Any help would be great!

Thank you!

Can you “see” any external SD card in #dic:recoverymode?

Thank you Stefan. I am going to check this.

OK : after turning the FP1 in recovery mode, I see very few things. Basically, my screen reads the following :

Android system recovery <3e>

Volume up/down to move highlight:
enter button to select

reboot system now
apply update from ADB
apply update from sdcard
apply update from cache
wipe data/factory reset
backup user data
restore user data

… and that’s all…
Does the fact I see the line “…update from sdcard” means the SDcard is detected?

Thank you!

Can you select “apply update from SD card”? You should see the folders that are on your SD card.

I am going to try. Having no update on said cards, I take it for granted that this won’t trigger something irreversible :wink:

P. S. Stefan, your reaction during this christmas holiday time is impressive!

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