Indication my sd card fails

I have a FP1 since the very start. The sd card that I had put in has worked fine until a while ago. At the top of the screen two sentences appeared saying something like ‘sd card failed’ and ‘trying to re-install the card’.
The messages showed up just very briefly, but repeatedly.
The sd card works fine in pc, tried other sd cards (with specs that I’ve found on this forum) but still the same remarks at the top of the screen.
I’ve tried erasing and installing several times. No luck.
My amature conclusions are that there is nothing wrong with the sd card(s), chances are the card reader in my FP is failing.
Am I right, and if so, how can I get this fixed?

(I’ve spend quite some time in reading topics but haven found anything like it.)
Thanks for your help,

Have you tried to reboot? Also have you formatted the microSD card with your phone? (Settings > Storage > Erase SD card)

Yes I have formatted several times the ‘old’ card. Tried the new card that was already formatted (no luck) and i have formatted that one as well with the phone. just as you suggest via ‘Settings’ etc…

Have not tried to reboot. Don’t know how to… no idea of the concequences…

Um, just turn off your phone and turn it on again. This is called a reboot.

PS: You only talk about the messages that appear saying the card is failing. Have you actually tried to access files that you stored on your card with your phone? (Through the file manager.)

Haha. “What’s in a name”.
So, I reboot my phone every night. Alarm clock still works and we wake up together…
Several times it has been switched off compleet, while changing sd card (and the battery had to be taken out).

I’ve put back my old card this morning and I can acces my files on it.
It is to early to say ‘problem solved’ , in my experience the messages will reappear after a day or so.
So, please wait with me.

Some 10 hours after placing the card the remarks appear.
It happens rather fast, less than half a second, so I keep missing the first line. The second line says (translated) "preparing the sd card."
Files on card still accessable.

All seems in working order, but messages keep on comming in different intervals.

Three weeks after I’ve inserted my sd-card again, the frequency of notifications has climbed up to once/five minutes.
Every five minutes I hear a ‘ping’, two lines appear in upper top of the sceeen: ‘sd card has been removed incorrectly’ and 'preparing sd card".
It is distracting and a bit annoying, power consumption increases unnecesseary.

Anybody whith an idea how to improve this (other than removing the sd card) ? Please let me know.

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