Sdcards started getting corrupted a few weeks ago

Yeah, I thought about that as well I think but that’s highly unlikely at this point. I forgot to mention that I found another SD card in a Raspberry (64gb, I think?) and tried that and it got „corrupted“ as well. I’m pretty sure this is either a software problem or a problem with the SD card slot … +__+

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In that case I would agree with you

I got a quite similiar problem with my SD card in my FP3.
Every around half a year I get a notice from my phone: “SD card not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” or something like that.
And then no matter what, the phone won´t recognize any data from the SD card until I have formated it and put the data on the card again.

Sorry to hear that. I’ve given up on trying to fix it as I’ve no idea what else to try. Ugh, now that I think about it I want back my offline Wikipedia / Wiktionary etc +__+

Hi @Freigeist and @jfml

I just want to clarity : do you each have the SD card formatted as Portable with the eject icon to the right of it?

Settings > Storage


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Yes, my card is formated as external.
Right now I´m waiting for the next time the card will be corrupted. By the way: I´m using /e/.

Not exactly related to this, I have the problem with missing writing rights on the card. I can´t change this neither with the Ghost Commander (I have activated the check for the root privilegues in the Ghost Commander settings), nor with the build in file browser. And for a while OSMAND gives me I/O errors when trying to update the maps (saved on the SD).

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Yeah, I’m trying to use the card(s) as portable storage as well, I’m aware of the fact that extenting the storage with an sd-card can lead to all kinds of problems (though it would be super sexy not having to copy stuff between disks).

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This was recently an issue on Lineage OS so not sure if e/OS has the same issue and/or is not yet updated?

And the workaround here


I got the latest stable version of /e/ version Q (Android 10). I was waiting for the Android 11 stable, hoping this solves the problem. :sweat_smile:

I´m trying that workaround now. The app is now copying the files to the new folder - which is strange since in the end it´s the same one, just picked manually. It shows me one file (map) after another but always on 0% progress (I hope this is just a little bug in the progress bar.).
I´ll give an update when it´s finished.

I get the updates for the maps now, but strangely for the live update it still gives me an I/O.
I need to try if the GPS does work in OSMAND again (number of visible satelites stays on zero, even if I can see at least on satelite with a GPS check app).

So, this is the status now:

I was able to update all normal maps, but the live update still gives an I/O.
The GPS still seems to be not working, but it did before the last small update on /e/, so this might be related to the OS or to Osmand itself.

There is still the option for reinstalling the Osmand but I need to make a backup of the Osmand files first. This is difficult, since because of the missing writing rights, I can´t just copy the files on the SD card.
I´ll make a backup from SD to my computer tomorrow and try to reinstall Osmand.

But as always:
If you have one problem and are searching for a solution, you´ll stumble at least over three other problems, which you need to fix before you can start fixing the first problem… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Did you have a look at this topic?


Just so you know Osmand now has a backup option unter Settings, that you should also be able to mail to yourself or share to other apps if I’m not mistaken.

I think it worked for me, but it is a bit weird sometimes (I think I had to manually rename the extension of the exported file so that Osmand could see it again for importing or something?).

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The advanced privacy was the problem! Thank you for this hint!

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Yes, this can work.
I wonder why it does create a file and only offers “sharing to some app” and not simple “saving to…”.
It shows pretty much every app I have but not the file browser or Ghost Commander or anything I could use to save locally on the phone.

But this isn´t a real problem. With this all bigger problems are solved for now.

Isn’t that another weird quirk of Android, though? I got around this with a cool app called „Save To“:


Works like a charm! :+1:

But from the description of the app “SaveTo…” it´s only for pictures and pdfs. I did install “Save on Device” instead.

Yeah, I saw that the screenshots are very weird as well. But it works for all kinds of data, never had anything it could not save. Glad to hear that there are other apps that can do this as well :slight_smile:

Ugh, this is why I don’t use SD card any more. Just saying.

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