Sdcard supported filesystems?


I wondered about what filesystems are supported by the FP2 ?

I have an exFAT formatted 64GB microSD card, which is not recognized, and a 4GB FAT32 microSD card which is found by the system. I’m thinking about getting a 128GB microSD, would it be supported ? There’s no max filesystem size on the technical specs (if there’s no limit, that’s great).

Thanks, BR

Hi. From what I read, exFAT should work. May you try to refortmat it to exFAT ? I dont know if the os (via fuse?) allows EXT4 file system. Nice article here.


Thanks, but using exFAT didn’t work. I transferred all data from my sd card to my computer, formatted using the “storage” module of the FP2 (which formatted my card with FAT32, unfortunately), and then it was detected.

@paulakreuzer : if you want, you can close the topic, as my issue is resolved.

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