SD card not showing up half the time (not internal storage)

TO START OF: no I’m not doing internal storage. I’m aware of that problem. This is a fresh SD cad that had been working fine for a month or more. it’s a genuine Samsung one (I trust that store very muc), the exact same one that’s listed on the forum thread about the compatible sd cards.

It’s been working fine since December but since a week or so it’s been acting up. Sometimes rebooting fixes it, sometimes reseating the sd card fixes it.
It just doesn’t show up in the storage menu and my offline video/music aren’t available.

Any ideas?

Try to keep a detailed record so that you know whether this is purely random or whether there’s a minimum period of proper functioning after each reboot. Then, if possible, move the card to another device and keep it there in use, for at least twice the length of the average time you observed that it would usually work in the phone after a reboot. Again, keep a detailed record of events, with times and events.

It’s possible that the card is faulty or that the card’s contacts, or those of the slot, need cleaning with a cotton bud soaked in surgical grade alcohol (90°) or isopropanol. Allow to dry for three hours before putting it back in the device.

I’m presuming that the contents of the card are not affected and are still available once the card is recognised again by the device?

  • I’ll try to keep track of it
  • My FP4 has not been exposed to water or even dust much. I highly doubt the contacts on the phone’s side are in a bad shape, same with the sd card. (it’s harder to check the phone’s but the sd card’s contacts are perfect.) I’ll look into cleaning it though maybe.
  • Data on the sd card stays intact yeah
  • Interesting thing I just noticed popup in my notifications just now:
    the sd card is still working though, i’m playing music from the sd card and the sd card still shows up in the storage section in Android settings. So not sure why this showed up.

I would think the warning comes from the fact that you were playing a track stored on the card, so a file was open and therefore not a good idea to remove the card at that point.

I understand that, but in this case it’s not me manually removing the sd card, it’s the phone/sd-card doing it.

So I setup a thing to track when it disconnects from my phone using home Assistant. if the graph is at the top it’s connected, if it’s at the bottom it’s disconnected

(and since it fully disconnected, rebooting didn’t fix it. i had to take the card out and put it back in to fix it)