SD Card not Recognised after every OS upgrade?

I use the Fairphone Free OS build, and every time I upgrade via the updater, it goes back to saying there’s a problem with my SD card. I click to “fix” but that seems to mean “format and erase all my data again”. I’ve been using the SD card for offline vector maps in OSMAnd, databases from WikipOff, and my photos and video. There’s a lot of data on there and I can’t keep losing it every few months just because an OS came out!

I have had the same problem after updates within Lineage OS. I could solve it with the ‘SD Maid’ app without losing any data. I hope the issue doesn’t happen again because there have been some changes regarding SD memory at the last LOS update.

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Lineage OS looks solve many problems on FP2… Maybe should i try to install it… :grin:

I am having the same problem. I observed, that on fault the processor always was very hot. So my “work around” is to turn off the phone and put it into the refrigerator for 10 minutes. As expected when powering on the phone the SD card works again.

Note.: Just power cycling without the cooling step will usually not help.

Unfortunately the fp2 support is totally clueless about this issue. I simply think this is another major design flaw of the phone: Putting an external device, which you have no control over, into the temperature sensitive section of the phone is simply naive to say the least.

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That’s peculiar! I used to be able to get SD to work randomly with different reboots, but now it fails every time.

The funny thing is, it isn’t actually failing to read the card. It’s as if it gives up on boot and refuses from then on. I can format and use it each time, but something causes it to want to reformat instead of retry.

The original OS system of the FP2 knows some problems. I solved them all by installing LineageOS. Original OS is still under Android 6, while LineageOS is working under Android 7. That solve many problems as hot processor temprature, SDCard acces, intempestives reboot, and others. For me, that is the best way. :slight_smile:

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