SD card is no longer recognized

Hello, I bought a FairPhone 5. Took over the sim card and SD card from my previous mobile phone. Access to the SD card was possible without any problems. Today I have to notice that the SD card is no longer recognized. So I can’t access the photos on the SD card anymore. The FileManager also doesn’t see an SD card. Since I don’t know much about Android, I’m grateful for every tip.
Greetings DocC

Check with a different SD card in the phone, check the (faulty?) original SD card in a card reader. Afterwards you’ll hopefully know more about which component has failed.


Same thing happened to me when I started using my FP4. What brand is your SD?

Maybe you can check here ✏ List of compatible micro SD / SDXC cards for FP4 as a first hint, as this overview is only for the FP4.
You could also FP contact support (I did that a year ago) and ask for a hint which brand or model to use.

And the Tip of @Martin_Anderseck is the best to access your data: Use a card reader to pull the data from the card and - if you decide to get a new one - push the data to the replacement.

The SD card can be read in a card reader without any problems.
The SD card is a SanDisc Ultra 64GB Micro SD XC1. Since a SANDISK Ultra, Micro-SDXC UHS-I 128GB is mentioned is listed as compatible, I guess I don’t understand the problem yet.

Actually for the FP4 Sandisk cards showed most trouble while Samsung cards rather not.

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I had this problem with a SD card, readable in a card reader and not recognised anymore after an A13 update on my FP4. I waited for a fix, which never came.

I had to reformat it, again as external storage, within my FP4.

I had the very same with migrating to my FP4 last year. I bought a Samsung card back then as replacement for the Sandisk I already had in my previous phone, which worked well. In the meantime I upgraded it to a faster Samsung card, that also works fine (both 512 GB)

Thank you very much for your replies.
I can inform you that the SD card is recognized by the FP5 again.
I now suspect a banal reason for the disappearance of the SD card in the OS.
After removing the back of the FP5 and removing the battery, it was clear to see that the SD card was no longer correctly inserted into the slot. This must have happened during normal operation with the battery inserted. As I wrote in my initial post, I was able to access the SD card first. The next day, the card was no longer visible.
An SD card that detaches itself from the slot explains this behavior.
For what reason this happened remains unclear to me.


@DocC its simple, when insert card you must deep press it until click, this is mechanical lock, without is not locked and pins connect not be stable for vibration, phone move etc…

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