SD card Format Lineage OS / Android Stock ROM

I’d like to known if there is recommended format (FAT, ext …) for SD card with Lineage OS and also if there is one with Android stock ROM, and eventually if there is a format that is suitable for both OS ?

A recommendation is one thing, but what’s actually possible to be used on the SD card by the OS is something different.
It’s not like being able to switch back and forth to any preferred filesystem (format) as you wish. You can only use what’s offered by the installed OS.

I know Android 5,1 formats any SD card with Fat32 and obviously don’t recognize exFat formated SD cards.

Android 6 uses Fat32 as well as I assume reading through this topic when installing the SD card as external memory.

Lineage OS may act different here as you may read in this forum using the search function. Also this is speaking for FP2, other phones e.g. LG G4 with Android 6 formats SD cards using exFat.

I would always recommend a journaling filesystem, but for portable storage it seems not to be very common as even the proprietary exFat isn’t journaling.
In my personal opinion specifically when using portable storage journaling filesystems should be used (NTFS/Ext3+/SFS). As here the risk of loosing data or corrupting the filesystem is a lot higher due to the way the media is treated with immediate undocking without knowing the cache sync state. Most people don’t even know about their corrupted filesystem until they realize the loss of data or broken files.
Such issues are rather rare on fixed installed drives.
Any Fatxx filesystem was implemented at times as there hardly were removable storage in use, let alone USB storage. Available drives like Sysquest/Jazz/Zip/MO drives had their own cache handling, assuring a proper sync before processing the media eject request.
But to the contrary a journaling FS causes more overhead (more space needed)
and more read/write cycles which again takes influence in performance and lifetime of the media.
After all for FP2 still Fat32 would be the choice for both OS.

Thank you for this detailed answer ! I have to admit that I don’t understand everything … But conclusion is clear I’ll go for Fat32 format.


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