Scrolling intereferes with FM Radio, creates static

Okay, this is the best FP exclusive until now.

I sit in the train to work and listen to music using the FM Radio app. At the same time, I browse Reddit using RedReader.

The music reception is quite alright, fluctuates as radio does when in a train.
As I am scrolling through the submissions, there is additional interference in the radio. It sounds like the usual static from radio, but i can cause it by scrolling in redreader. Like a dj with vinyls I can “scratch” with static white noise.

As I am writing this text, it also happens in the browser because I am also scrolling the text window to check grammar.

Edit: A friend sent me a telegram message. It was a funny gif, no sound. As the Gif plays back while I still listen to the radio, there is distinctive noise. As soon as I switch back out of the chat ibto the overview of telegram, the noise stops.

I would like to visualize this using a video. Does anyone know an app I can use to record the phones’ screen while also recording “what u hear”?


It doesn’t do on my FP2.

In which country/area are you listening?
Do you have this on every channel ?
Have you tried this with a different pair of headphones?

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Hi Patrick, thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

  • of course it doesnt :smile:
  • Switzerland
  • yes
  • of course

I also noticed that when I have the headphones plugged in - no audio playing - and use my phone, I hear interference that corresponds with whats happening on screen. Like when I start browser I hear a low volume “ssspppffkkkkrrrzt”. When I scroll through a website it goes “ffffffffzzzzzz”. I think I once wrote years ago in another thread that I can hear “computer noise like they used to audiolize computer activity in movies of the 80s and 90s”

It`s hard to describe. Thats why I am looking for a screen recorder that also records “what u hear”.


So this sounds like being a general filter problem in your phone. Therefore are so called resonant circuits in place. Often in the close vicinity of (aux) sockets such as for e.g.headphones.
They can sometimes blow if too much static voltage is given by e.g. connecting (as once happened to my 24bit pc audio cards input socket)
I would suspect the top module with the headphone socket to be damaged. Maybe you have some fairphoneangels close to you for testing another module.
That’s my idea.


As I do have three top modules (both exchanged in warranty by FP support because of bad build quality) I tried. Same thing with the interference.

Also: Still havent found a viable way to record video with INTERNAL audio. Seems to be a biiig security concern. What happened to “apple and google listen to everything?”

Hm, strange. Which app are you using?
Ever tried a different one?

Screen recorder and the then following apps on the gstore list. Most of them claim to be able, but are not, some take external audio and the rest is full of ads. Fdroid has one an app called screencam which cannot do it without additionally installing Magisk Modules. It seems to be some kind of framework similar to xposed, just that they have no comfy installer app. It needs to be flashed manually.

All this to take a screenvideo with internal audio. :joy:

At least there is a way, I guess.

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