Screenprinting an image on the back

This might seem like an odd request, but here goes.

I’m thinking about buying a FP5 for my daughter. However, she loves the case her old, broken, out-of-support phone is in, and doesn’t want to give it up. It has a cute image af a ramen-eating rabbit by a Hong Kong artist.

I’ve contacted the artist and have obtained a high-quality jpeg, and permission. Now, does anybody know of a service in Europe which will screen-print such a thing directly onto a spare FP5 back?

I’ve had the FP3 for years and have found that I don’t need a case between the ease of replacing the screen and the ruggedness of the device.

Thanks everybody !


I don’t know the answer to your question and yet I am tempted to send some unsolicited advice your way. Apologies in advance.

For me FP5 does not feel like it does not need a case. Also the rim of the phone is not swappable and easy to scratch. Also it is bigger than what I would have usually opted for, and bigger than FP3, so I cannot imagine using it without a popsocket or a ring. So my advice is to have your daughter keep it in her hand before the purchase so that she can decides if she finds a case handy or not. I guess it might be slightly easier to have a printout on the case. Or perhaps a sticker would be an option?


Another thought: Transparent third party case and just fix a simple print (on paper or film) in between that case and the back.


My transparent case got awfully yellow-ish so not sure if this is sustainable…but you can possibly change the case without changing a print then :wink:


But… If you look for a protective case to print on, don’t buy the official case, as it is doesn’t really protect the phone. (There’s lots of alternatives:


Have a look at those files, maybe someone can use those and print one for you with that picture


nice project to make a costume FP5 for your daughter.

My opinion: it will be better to try to get the picture on a case
for my feeling on my FP5 it needs a case to survive a drop.

and don’t buy the original back case for Fairphone. this one doesn’t work, like already posted by @mgkoeln

and a example below:

there are many companies how print pictures on cases, but sorry i didn’t know one ho doing it for the FP5.

but maybe this is a close one posted by @Paule.

and like @Meaghan suggested to get it printed on a high quality stikker and put it the back of one of those cases.

found one:

if you click back its possible to change to a back cover.


I guess @Mark_Jaroski has probably already dealt with the matter, but in case anyone else in Germany has a similar request, the DM Drogeriemarkt offers custom-printed cases for the FP5 now.