Screen unglued from the plastic frame FP4

The screen this week poped out ! Mostely due to the last fall on the ground.
It remind me of the old Nokias ! Kudos fairphone. Fall apart and then you have to Lego it back to work :smiley:

It is not unscrewed from the back I never dismentelled my phone since I received it 2 years ago.
I thought it was unscrewed, but no, I think it is unglued from the plastic fram the screen is glued to.
Then this plastic frame is screwed…

My plan to repair this weekend is to dimentel the phone and apply a little tiny glue on the LCD back to stick again with the plastic frame…

Any idea or directions to follow ?

UPDATE with solution :slight_smile:

Food for thought about the design:
it could be interesting to have a little flange in the metalic frame …
This way the screen would be “pushed” from the inside out.
This little flange would protect the screen, avoding buying a case like with every single phone…

More over this would remove the need for the glued small plastic frame…making the phone another half millimeter smaller and lighter

I fixed the unglued screen on my FP3 woth 2mm Tesa Tape, and it has been good as new.

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I haven’t had this problem, but I’m curious; is the screen flush with the bezel after using the tape?

Virtually yes–it is very very thin tape.

edit just looked it up–it is 200μm

Thks a lot DAvid!

I didn t knew there was this kind of tape.
Now its a little over priced 15€ I am going to use 10 cm :smiley:
Do you know of any other tape that would work ?

You can search for the 61395 tape at electronic stores near you, they likely have it or can order it to avoid shipping costs. It’s also a large roll so you will be fixing your phones and friend’s phones for a long time, so a good investment in my mind.

FInally went the china way :slight_smile:
400 reviews should be a good product. lets see

A last question,
I am wondering how the screen was originally fixed to the small plastic frame on the FP4 ?

I don t see glue or tape on either face of the screen…

I am asking because, I will want to place my tape at the same place as before it broke :wink:

Youre on your own if youre buying from aliexpress

An the solution , tada :smiley:

Yeah baby , I on my own since I was borned !