Screen Protectors?

Hello, Fairphoners :wave:

I was recently sent a screen protector from Fairphone and I would like to ask for some advice & support on whether or not I should use it.

Have any of you used these before and what should I know before trying to apply one? Is there a particular way to do it correctly?

My last experience of using a screen protector (official Samsung Note 8 protector) resulted in there being air pockets and I tried to reapply, only for the glass protector to shatter when removing it. This appeared to remove or damage the oleophobic coating of the handset - as fingerprints gathered quite quickly from that point onwards.

Is this just the risk of using a screen protector that I must accept, if I don’t apply it correctly, or should I do something differently?

Should I even use a screen protector?

(I have the blue light filter - if that matters.)

Thank you


Hi Stuart, for what it’s worth: I’ve put a screen protector on my FP4 and the process was super easy. No bubbles whatsoever, and there’s a very clear instruction video to guide you in the process (

Personally, I don’t really see any risk in applying the screen protector. Good luck!


Hello, Wietse

Thank you for your response.

I took the leap of faith and applied the screen protector! I was pleasantly surprised that I successfully applied the glass protector without any noticeable air bubbles or pockets of dust.

The protector seems to work very well so far.

I haven’t found any issues with it.

(For anyone else reading and considering using a Fairphone screen protector - it seems to be of very good quality and is not difficult to apply.)

¹· I wiped the screen clear of any marks, dirt or dust with a damp microfibre cloth (not the one provided).

²· I allowed the phone to dry before wiping the screen with the wet cleaning wipe (provided with the screen protector).

³· I cleared the screen quickly of any moisture with the microfibre cloth (provided with the screen protector).

⁴· I used the dust sticker (provided with the screen protector) to pick up any specs of dust from the screen.

⁵· I immediately applied the screen protector.

The official Fairphone article is very helpful.


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Glad it all went well! (it would have been a bit awkward if after my recommendation the application of the screen protector would have gone completely wrong, so I’m glad it didn’t… :laughing:)

I’ve been using tempered glass screen protectors on all my phones for more than 10 years.
The quality is a bit hit and miss depending on manufacturer/price but you tend to find the screen protectors marketed by the phone manufacturer tend to be on the better side.

Bubbles is one of those things that comes with the territory sometimes. It could be either a tiny misalignment or a poor quality protector. The curved edge of most screens means you need to be exact with placing the prootector on the screen.

Hi all,

in opposition to @Zenith I stopped buying/applying any sort of screen protectors on any of my mobiles and what can I say after roughly a decade usage: Even on the very old devices there are almost no scratches in the glass. A nitpicker could say there are a few tiny ones under the microscope visible.

So I´d say for a normal user who is able to make sure that the phone doesn´t fall down twice a day and who also cleans his screen without sandpaper (joke!) those screen protectors are useless.

I prefer to save that money as well as saving the panet from another useless piece of plastic



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