Screen protector for FP3

Hi, where’s best to get a screen protector for FP3 size or cuttable in UK?
Making one out of vinyl will be the last straw!

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How about Brotect Airglass, will be with you in a couple of days?


Amazing, thankssssss!

I choose the matt version from https://www.schutzfolien24.de/c/brotect-matte-displayschutzfolie/fairphone-3/?count-pro-page=6&page=1&product-overview-sort=bestResult

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How does the matte version differentiate from the non-matte version?

It dims the screen a little bit and you have no reflection from light/sunlight.


Hi folks,
The first URL offers matte protectors at £5.99 for a single and £11.99 for a 3-pack.
The second URL offers them at €4.99 (converts to £4.45) for a 2-pack.
(I haven’t done German since O-level, about 50 years ago, but I still managed to order from the second site with a bit of help from a German-English translation site.)
I’ll post again if I have any problems.

I am not sur,e but it seems the display might be covered with Gorilla Glass which means it should be scratch proof and if you drop it hard some extra plastic foil will also not protect it. So in my opinion there is no need for a screen protector.


Unfortunately I did not have a good experience for the protectionfilms24.com .

When I tried to buy a screen protector by Paypal, it was shipped with my old residence address without confirmation page yesterday.
Then I tried to buy another the same screen protector by creating an account today. After trying to register the address, I got following PHP error now on the web site.

When you use the web site, take care for that.

Hi folks,
I ordered from www.schutzfolien24.de on Tuesday evening (7th) and received the protectors on Friday morning (10th).
I paid in GBP (£4.45) by Visa debit card. The payment confirmation screen was in English.
The instruction sheet that comes with the protectors is in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

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Hi John,
Thank you for sharing your experience and info.
Okay, when you paid by Visa debit card, not by Paypal, you saw the confirmation page. That’s useful information.

Ebay & Amazon have quite a selection.