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my screen opens and close app’s randomly. very fast and the phone doesn’t react with anything. The off buttom doesn’t work also. The only thing to do is removing the baterry.
Then the phone work for a time and it starts all over again.

i clean the connectors.
Now it is more stable but the left side of the screen doesn’t react always

i do the test drawning.
And often i can’t draw to the border at the left side.
i wait some time and then it works fine again. Later the problem is there again, and later disappears again. It comes and goes.

The problems begun after the update to android 7.
I don’t know if this is a bug or if it is really an hard-ware problem.

do anyone have an idee



Sounds grave. I would guess, it might rather be the display than the OS, as all faults seem to be connected to the touch-screen. The errors occuring after updating to Android 7 might just be coincidence.
Especially the partially not responding screen is a known issue.
You might want to check the Fairphone troubleshooting tool (display > the touch function is defect):

Or you might do some reading in this (rather long) thread:

To check things out, you could try replacing the display. As I guess, you don’t have a second one putting on dust in your drawer, you could turn to a friend with a FP2 or to one of the georgeous fairphoneangels in your area. In case there are no angels around, you might post a request for help in this forum, giving a region that would be ok for you.

Finally; I can’t find the errors in the wiki concerning Android 7 issues:



so it’s a know issue

Do you know what Fairphone does for this problems ?

My phone is older than 2 years. No warranty annymore

i look into the buglist but did not find something like that.



Well, some people in this forum reported this problem.
I don’t know, how many of the phones were suffering from misbehaving touch-screens so far and what possible reasons might be causing this malfunction. Ther might be faulty displays as well as damages from bumps or dropping the phone …
So it’s hard to tell, if Fairphone shares any responsibility.

Fairphone at least has adapted the troubleshooting-tool, that I have linked in my original posting. Have you done the painting-test and does it show some parts of the screen to be not responding?
You will have to contact support and most likely add a screenshot, your IMEI and your order-no. I have no idea if they will exchange the display for free, should your problem really be the one described in the thread.
I would really test the display first or - if possible - try another one with the help of a friend or a fairphone-angel.
In my opinion Android 7 is not the reason for your problems.

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I did the painting test before i contacted the forum. The left side doesn’t react.
Also the phone restarted with opening app’s randomly. (see my opening post).

I have open a request at the support fairephone.

ps : fairphone-angel : how to find them at the forum. where to look …. ??



The magnifying glass in the top right of the page is a search function :wink: .
But here they are (again): fairphoneangels

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