Screen madly jumping around

I first got a FP2 in March of this year, through Co-op in the UK, and it had a dodgy headphone port so Co-op sent me a new handset in April. I had no problems with the new handset until last week, when the screen started being a bit jumpy, but then it went away. Two days ago, I was playing around with map apps (Google Maps and HERE maps), and the battery suddenly started plummeting. I plugged it in to charge and tried to close any offending apps, but the battery continued to plummet (it claimed to be charging, all the while). The screen also started jumping around again. I looked up both issues on the forum, and thought that maybe using a different cable and manually setting the screen brightness to high would solve these issues.

When I tried a different charger and it charged fine, and held the charge. However, since then the screen has been absolutely crazy, constantly. I don’t even touch it and it it jumps up and down. I’ve tried changing the brightness and sensitivity of the screen - no good. I did a soft and then hard factory reset, still no good. I updated the OS today to OS 1.4.2, still no good.

I have no idea what to do now. I am going away for 3 weeks next week and I really want to take my FP2 with me because its battery life is so much better than my old phone (in theory…), and being unlocked and with a dual sim I, would be able to use a local sim card while travelling. But it’s completely unusable with the screen jumping around this much!

That means that the new charger you tried is also not compatible. Try to get a hold of some more cables and chargers to test or buy a high quality data (4 threaded) cable and a charger from our list.

But the phone is fully charged now (and stable), and I have used this cable before on several occasions with no problems - it is only the screen that is causing me bother. Are you suggesting that the jumping screen is caused by the phone being charged by a sub-optimal cable, even though it charged successfully? I’m not sure I understand how that works, but I’m willing to try a different cable!

Exactly. This happens a lot. Check this topic:

52 users posted there. 5.5k views… Unfortunately cable issues are really common so you may have to go through many cables.

If the only screen jumps around when charging, that’s because your charger is not well isolated. So you have to ground yourself by touching something metal. You can find more info and a better explanation here:

Oh I see, interesting! That makes sense, except that my phone is doing it even when it’s no longer plugged in. Could that sort of problem linger even after it’s been disconnected? Sorry if this is a stupid question :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine sometimes locks up after connection to a particularly shit charger. Have to blank the screen using the power button and turn on again.

The screen sometimes (often) goes jumpy for quite different reasons tho. Scrolling up and down webpages especially bad. Still waiting an FP fix for that!

I can confirm that mine is not a charger issue. I tried several chargers,
including those meeting the FP recommendations and one of the chargers
listed on the forum as being appropriate. Still having screen jumping
issues (weirdly much better at the moment, while I’m in Singapore for a
conference. Was in the UK before…).

It could be related to the grounding of the wall sockets. I only experienced the jumping screen once with a certain wall socket in a holiday appartment.

I have the screen jumping issue as well but I don’t see a connection to the charger. Even without charging it happens. But: jumps are worst when I have dry fingers. So I guess it’s somehow a moisture/humidity-related problem.

Usually phone chargers aren’t grounded at all (no PE pin), but after reading about many people having problems with the charger plugged in, I was also thinking about an (line-coupled) EMC-related problem. Perhaps the FP2 needs some capacitors on the 5V-supply?

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