Screen flickers while scrolling

I have read the thread about flickering at low light, but this is different. Somotimes the screen flickers a lot (!) while scrolling. It jumpes up and down the page. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Is it one of the following problems?

I have the same problem here. The flicker makes it impossible to drag and drop an app icon on the home screen. It also leads to strange jumps while scrolling in whatsapp. I’m so disappointed how buggy the FP2 is.
The workaround above didnt helped.

Yes! The top one describes the same problem as I have. I changed the settings to medium, and will se if it helps. As others stated, the glitch only happens sometimes. Thank you!

I’m experiencing the same problem, I’m going to try out the work around from the top answer:

I have this issue too, lowering the settings made no difference at all. Happens both when scrolling through different apps but as well when trying to move apps and so. It is like someone else has put their finger on the screen.

What software version are you using? These issues should have been improved by some of the updates.
You can check your version in
All Apps --> Updater

I’m using version 1.5.1.

It looks like this. I’m holding my finger still.