Screen Fairphone 2


The screen of my Fairphone 2 does not working. I need a new one and you say you do not have stock. Yesterday I asked for a solution and no one replied. Please, I really need my phone for work and other stuffs. I need a quick solution.


This is a user forum, employees of Fairphone won’t necessarily read your message. You should call them, that has proven to accelerate warranty case handling.

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I can only emphasis this.

But before, you should follow the troubleshooting procedure (that is, if you haven’t done so already):


Hopefully you get the display working again. I keep my fingers crossed for you.


I have had a FP2 for a few days only, and your issue may be different. But I have noticed that my touchscreen doesn’t work very well when the phone is charging the battery. It seems fine when not charging.

Maybe this thread will help you with that:

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Ah, that’s interesting. Thanks, will look into that.

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Thank you all for your help!!! :slight_smile: I think I will have to change it…:sweat:

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