Screen/display lifting

Title says it all. I purchased my fairphone back in April of this year. Two weeks ago, I noticed the top of the screen was lifting from the body of the phone.
I have taken out and tightened the screws that hold it in place but the gap remains and seems to have gotten worse. I’m concerned about dirt or moisture getting into the body. Functionality not yet impacted.
The battery does not seem swollen. And I couldn’t see anything pressing on the screen from the reverse.

I submitted a support ticket last week but never received an email or confirmation that the request went in (I’ve just now submitted a second. )
Apologies if this issue has been resolved elsewhere. I couldn’t find a thread that discussed it.

Thank you, thank you to all the Fairphoners out there who take time to read this.


You did the right thing - this is definitely a warranty case. As clear a factory fault as they come, if you ask me. I’ve not seen this issue before, so you may be the first… a dubious honour.

FP support’s been busy, so odds are your request has come through but it’ll just be a while until they can get back to you; maybe @rae can shed some light.

In the meantime, maybe a bit of sticky tape to keep the screen in place? It’ll look hokey, but you’d hate to get it snagged on something and tear a ribbon cable or something.


Hi @Ace_S,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Could you pop me a direct message with the email address you used to create the support ticket? I can then find out if it is in our system.

Many thanks :slight_smile:



Thank you so much! I’ll send you a PM, just as soon I I figure out how to do that! :slight_smile:


Hey Fairphoners!

I wanted to provide an update (It’s now 5 -ish months later) to anyone experiencing the same issue looking for the solution.

  1. Submit 3 - 4 support tickets until one seems to get through and you finally receive a confirmation that your ticket is in the system.
  2. Wait several weeks for a reply.
  3. Upload photos as instructed.
  4. Upload again a week or two later when you realize that the photos didn’t do through the first time.
  5. Receive an invitation to send it to the repair center.
  6. Weep :sob: because you are out of the support area, which you knew and accepted the risks of when you purchased it.
  7. Try to sell it to other Canadian Fairphoners (maybe for parts) and contemplate buying a new phone.
    Thanks for following along!
    Reach out if you want to buy a Fairphone 3 held together with electrical tape! :upside_down_face:

You could buy a new display module - you’d have to get it drop shipped to Canada, of course.

Thanks! I’m cautious of throwing good money after bad, since I haven’t been able to confirm that it is the display module that’s the issue.
Honestly the length of time this has taken with no clear next steps. I’m likely soon to be a Former Fairphoner.

That is understandable. From your description it looks like the display module is faulty, with the screen not properly adhering to the rest of the module, but it’s difficult to be sure and a new display module isn’t exactly cheap. So yes, I can imagine you’re ready to move on.

I guess your only option to keep the device and get it repaired would be to ship it to Europe with the proof of purchase, have someone there contact FP and get a warranty repair, and then have it shipped back to you - an elaborate scheme I’d be happy to help with, but as I said, I get it if you’re fed up and ready to move on.