Screen Discolouration

For a while I’ve been dealing with random white blotches on my screen. Annoying but easy to live with. Today, over the course of 12 hours I’ve noticed that the screen has this blue tint/blotches in areas that’s gradually getting worse and worse. On dark backgrounds it looks blue (it was a faint blue hours ago, now it is a bright blue) and on light backgrounds it looks like those other white blotches.

There’s been no drop, water damage or pressure on it. In fact, I’ve hardly used it in the time it’s been developing this discolouration.

Any ideas what it might be? It is a lost cause and need replaced? Ive only had it since December '16


Go to Settings > Maintenance > Checkup to test your screen. What is the result?

The discolouration is most prominent on black, slightly on red, and less so on green and blue. It appears white on the gradient.
When using a night filter it shows up blue on every colour (if that’s relevant at all?).
The touchscreen aspect of it works fine.

Go to support, Have a look at ‘Display’.
If none of the issues are appropriated, choose of ‘Something else’ and copy the next link so that support can read this thread.


Thank you. I followed your advice, and hopefully they’ll be able to help soon. :slight_smile:

Is it the bright spot issue? That problem happens quite often.

There is no do-it-yourself solution. The screen needs to be replaced in this case. (Expect to not have a screen for some days. Because the replacement will not be sent until they have the old screen. But you don’t have to send in your whole phone.)

Things you can do in the meantime before the support answers:

  1. Check your address in the Fairphone shop.
  2. Take a photo of the screen defects.
  3. Copy your important data (which you might need in the meantime while your screen is away) to another place.
  4. Get a box, bubble wrap for the screen and make your printer (for return label) ready.

Do not send the screen on your own. Your package will be picked up after support approved your return request (you can select date/time of pickup).

The support probably will give you a link to the return portal where you have to enter your problem one more time into a form.

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