Screen disabled in the middle

Something has happened with the screen. I can’t swipe in the middle and I can’t use some letters in the middle of the keyboard. It depends which language I using (I use 3 different languages) so usually it’s h (except in English) the others I can’t type. Also there’s no autocorrect nor word suggestions in other languages than English (without those I couldn’t be writing this, but I need to be able to use other languages that uses different keyboard with å,ä,ö.). I’ve dissembled the whole phone but it didn’t help. I don’t know how to take off the screen tho. Does the problem lie there? How do I fix that?

Now I can see that someone has answered my post, but I can’t see the answer. Also I can see that my post has been moved, but I can’t see any other posts in that topic, everything is blank.

Now I could find the answer in my mail. There was a link how to disample the phone, but how to take off the screen was a link within the link. Have to check that later when I’m back home.

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