Screen brightness: minimum way too high

The minimal screen brightness, or ability to dim the screen, on the Fairphone 3 is way to high. I’ve seen another topic on this matter in a community forum: Lowest brightness is too bright but no comments from development.

I’m wondering: is it possible to change the minimum brightness in a future update? It was also one of the comments in the Tweakers review almost a year ago (Dutch: Tweakers - Wij stellen technologie op de proef )

It annoyed me right away and the past few days trying to spot Neowise made it even more annoying, so much that I finally decided to dedicate a topic on the matter.

If a fix for this is possible, changing max brightness might also be good :wink:

Thanks in advance!


This is btw also true for the FP2.

After switching to /e/ the lowest brightness is really low, much lower than on FPOS. However, with the lowering comes a bit of screen-flicker.

So I wonder if it’s not lower, as a default, because of that flickering.

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This topic now is in the Participate > Development category which is meant as a place to have the community participate in developing (as in programming) things around Fairphones.

But from what was written here it sounds more like it would belong to Help > FP3.

I’m sorry, if it would be possible to do this using certain settings, than ‘help’ would be appropriate. But this is something for developers, apps don’t help as they don’t dim the screen, but overlay with some grey layer. If this was a ‘help’ subject, I would have called for help. This is a request which hopefully can be resolved by an update in the future (or maybe learn that it is not technically possible because of the LCD screen or something like that).

Yes, I can see that there is a difference between a problem that can be solved by pointing people in the right direction (like telling them which setting to use to get what they want) and which needs code changes.

Still, the way the categories are set up and commonly used is that when you have a problem with your FP3 it goes in the Help category.
If you want to program something yourself (or port a different OS to the FP3) it goes to the Development (it’s a sub-category of the Participate category, i.e. where the community does things; but no community developer can create an update for the FP3 which would allow to chance the min/max brightness).

You are fully right, but in this case it’s the Fairphone developers and strictly speaking you should create support ticket.

Of course it’s not the end of the world if you insist to keep your request for help here, but looking at all the other topics in this category I think would make it obvious that this is not the right place.


Ah, yes, it makes sense. Would do a pull request somewhere :wink: Oh no, I cant program myself. But you get the drift. Maybe close the topic, as there is no solution and/or move it to Help (or can I do that myself?)

Edit: Yes, I can and did.

I have to agree. In contrast, my LineageOS-equipped S7 is a lot darker and Night Mode’s limit is “really red”, not “yellow-orange-ish tinted”, to the point that it’s won’t even ruin my night sight when I do astrophotography. This is basically wishful thinking with the FP3.

Have you tried play store app for this matter? there are apps to manage brightness matters…For example, HBM can be mention here… It allow users to see screen in Sunshine…hope this information will help you

Thank you for your reply, I gave a few apps a shot. Some work remarkably good, but… those are still third party applications which give me an unpleasant feeling. I don’t know what data they harvest, what they see when I type a password (as they work as overlays for apps), therefore I dismiss them as usable.

I could give it a try with a different OS, but this is my daily phone and I don’t have the time to experiment with other OS’es. Setting up a new phone is always a time consuming thing to do, it takes at least a few days before your basics are back in order, so I think that, if it is possible, this should be altered in the phone’s own software by the developers who push out updates (kudos for that) every month :slight_smile:


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